Customer and User Training

Make the last interaction your team has with a client, customer, or user – the training – memorable and useful.

Services Include:

  • Traditional Classroom Learning
  • eLearning
  • Certificate or Program Creation
  • Training Delivery
  • Train the Trainer
  • Authentic Assessment

You’ve designed a product that meets your client’s every need. You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into it, raised it from infancy. Now you have to release it into the hands of complete strangers. Will they understand it? Will they know what it likes and doesn’t like? Will they love it the way you do?

Providing training with a new product or solution is the last interaction your team has with the customer. More than the hours you’ve put into the process, this will define their memory of your project. It’s critical for repeat business (and to give your customer service department a breather) that this experience be a good one.

It is absolutely worth hiring an instructional expert to design and create your customer training, instead of using the internal resource who worked on the project for two key reasons:

  1. It frees up the developer/designer/subject matter expert (SME) you would normally use to do what they do best.
  2. The instructional designer gets to do what they do best, which is provide crafted, mindful learning experiences focused on achieving your objectives.

I work with your SMEs to find the best way to get the brilliant things in their brains into the brains of the people who will actually use your product, whether through classroom instruction, e-learning, or a blended solution. I also act as an advocate for your learners, so you can be assured that you're meeting their needs the first time to avoid costly rework. 

In-House Training and Onboarding

Help new employees learn your business, and all employees gain new skills to keep it successful.

Services include:

  • Onboarding Program Development
  • Professional Development Curriculum Planning
  • Training Delivery
  • Train the Trainer
  • Needs/Gap Analyses
  • Authentic Assessment

When you hired the best people for the job, you didn’t just hire an unchanging list of resume experience; you hired someone who can learn both your business (onboarding) and new skills necessary to make it succeed (professional development).

The problem: you know that the lectures and slideshows you’ve been using don’t work. You hire smart people, you put your best experts in front of them and what you get is copious notes, with no real change in performance.

Most educators and training professionals still rely on outdated methods that have been proven to be ineffective. The best students learn in spite of these methods, not because of them, and the rest of the classroom gets left behind. Instructional design seeks to reverse this trend by using only techniques that have been proven to work in real life situation.

I don't use methods that don’t work. Your people have the business and technical knowledge and I bring the understanding of people and the learning process. I will work with you and your experts to identify the real world results you expect from your training. Together, we’ll craft a learning experience (classroom, e-learning or a blended approach) that will help all of your employees make real, observable improvements in their work (not just the A students). I can deliver the training myself, or train your staff to be trainers themselves.

Presentation Polishing

Use best practice teaching methods to deliver great presentations.

Services include:

  • Message Architecture
  • Slide Layout
  • Professional Feedback on Runthroughs
  • Audience Engagement Coaching

Giving effective and engaging presentations is becoming an expectation of the complete professional. Whether at a conference, for investors, or at a brown bag lunch for your colleagues, a presentation that stands out makes you stand out. “But, wait,” you say, “this is a training website. Why am I hearing about presentations? I’m not teaching a class. Has the world gone mad?”

No, it has not. Anytime you’re giving a presentation at work, your objective is for your audience to learn something. Sometimes it’s a new skill like in a traditional class, but it can also be the quarterly earnings reports, or new user data. You don’t want your audience to just watch your presentation, you want them to take something away from it that’s useful to them. You have learning goals, just like any class.

Using the same analytical methods I use when designing a class or an e-learning module, I can help you hone in on the learning objectives of your presentation. Once you have clear, measurable goals to focus on, we can use research-proven best practice methods to nail the important parts and trim out all the extras (Webster’s dictionary definitions, I’m looking at you).