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As a former teacher and graduate of the University of Minnesota’s M.Ed. program, I use the best research-based methods to make professional learning effective, engaging, and easy. I design customer-facing and internal training that replaces outdated “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” malarkey with methods that are proven to be effective.

I am based in Minneapolis, and am a two-time Pinewood Derby state champion.

Masters of Education

Most credentials in the training world take the form of area-specific certificates, which focus on “tricks;” techniques aimed at a particular situation. This results in a narrowly-defined field of expertise, leaving it unclear if the training professional is able to teach effectively outside of their areas.

In holding a research-based Masters of Education degree, my education is founded in underlying, universal principles of the learning process. These principles provide a grounding for teaching and instructional design skills, adaptable to the needs of different audiences and subjects (e.g. adult learners, non-native English speakers, professional development).

The methods I practice are analytical, intentional, and proven to be effective in the field.

French and Linguistics

In addition to working on bilingual projects as a fluent French speaker, my background in linguistics allows me to think critically about language and communication. I’ve studied not only the theory of language, but how people actually use language in their daily lives. I know when detailed, technical language is needed to understand a concept, and when to-the-point simple language is the right way to go.

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